There is a LOT of information that we will be giving our students about what is going on in the world at the time of our stories.  We will be telling them what has happened in between stories.  We even have a map that we will look at each week so they can see where in the world we are.  In this blog, I will be including some of this information for you.  Hopefully it will help you as you talk with your children about these stories.

Also, we will be dealing with lots of different issues each week.  We will include here some of the strategies our curriculum offers around speaking to children about these things, and the message we tried to convey.  For example:  Daniel must have been scared in the Lion's Den.  Have you ever been scared?  But Daniel knew that God is always with him.  So, if you are ever feeling scared, remember that God is with you.  Something scary is easier if you are not alone.

Check back weekly for updates!
9/18/2013 11:35:48 pm

Dear BUCC-aroos,
I am looking forward to following the progress though the Sunday Scool year on this site. What a good idea to have a place like this to go and to involve families the way this will encourage. Have a good time. And, a "good job" is offered to Eraena and Jenn for the planning and enthusiasm!

David Crutchfield
11/26/2013 01:21:03 am

Did you see it? Did you see the Sunday School children tell us the story of Daniel in the lion's den last Sunday? An awsome story that was told in a memorable way. Good work class and teachers! I look forward to future stories told by some great people - our BUCC Sunday School!
Peace - Dave


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